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Managers today are constantly looking for solutions to problems that can increase efficiency and effectiveness of their business. Unfortunately, sometime these solutions can be costly and take significant time to invest to have them come to fruition. If the company looks internally, they might be limit to growth while if they purpose outside means like consultants

Everyone has heard of a consulting horror story, but ultimately the knowledge provided by consultants is extraordinarily helpful and impactful. This knowledge however usually comes after weeks of intensive observation and meetings before a solution can be crafted and made available to the client and then they can actually begin implementing the solution.

InSightApp™ was conceived from well over 100 years of change management consulting experience. It allows companies to acquire the consulting knowledge they need to better their organization at a fraction of the = cost for consultants and in an incredibly short window of time. InSightApp™ is a resource for managers and project leaders to use with their teams. A survey is sent form the managers to their team to respond to established question to gauge the organization’s capability in six distinct areas, DARISA. After the team has responded, the manager gets a detailed report regarding the six areas and specific observations, recommendations, and actions they should take based upon their team’s responses.

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