Mobile App Development

College campuses face an issue that deeply impacts the student experience; they have so much value being provide that is left undiscovered. College campuses have so many different facets to them they have continued to become increasingly complex. This also means that the information about their school and services has also grown in complexity. This leads to the problem that colleges are unable to effectively communicate necessary and relevant with their population.

The Innovade team noticed the problem at the various colleges they attended and worked to create a solution that would be intuitive for users while at the same point requiring minimal maintenance from the college. To do this, Innovade utilized preexisting websites and other informational feeds to send information straight into the app instead of having to wait for manual inputs that would be both costly and inefficient with time. By focusing on the core features needed by colleges, a simplified and user friendly design emerged which made the information easy to consume and always accessible.

MobileU was a project designed to provide educational institutions, mainly private and public colleges, with an app that could collect campus information and have it in one place for students, faculty, and alumni. The main features in the app were created around the most critical information being pursued on campus, which included Events, News, Directory, Map, Sports, and Social for school social media accounts. The purpose was to enable students, faculty, and alumni to access the key aspects of the campus to help them navigate and fully utilize the value now at their disposal.

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